This is the general Terms & Condition for London Tamil Market 2017

  • No guarantee is provided against inclement weather.
  • The decision to undertake a stall at London Tamil Market is purely at the exhibitor’s own risk and under no circumstances will the stall fee be refunded except for permitted cancellations.
  • Stall fees and sizes are clearly indicated on floor plan
  • Exhibitors are NOT (under any circumstances) allowed to keep or display any politically, religiously or otherwise sensitive or offensive material.
  • Any knives, cutlery and other harmful objects or substances must be kept well clear from the public to avoid any potential danger.
  • Food-stall holders must comply with specifications in the Food Hygiene Advice Sheet produced by the local Council’s Environment Health Division.
  • It is the responsibility of the Stall holders and Exhibitors to obtain own liability insurance against damage/theft of any of your equipment or products. LTM will not accept any liability for such loses.
  • Any person identified and seen to be using threatening or abusive language or displaying such behaviour will be reported to the police and escorted from the premises. Their contract with LTM Shows will immediately be terminated.
  • One table will be provided to each stall.
  • Maximum of 30CM outside from the front line of your stall can be permitted for external decoration or display.
  • Written permission will be required for any public or group activity such as raffles or leaflet distribution outside the own stall.
  • Strictly NO CANCELLATIONS will be accepted within 30 days to the exhibition.


Health and Safety Documents

  • Exhibitors will have any relevant health and safety documents (Food Handling etc.) ready for inspection by the appropriate authorities if requested.
  • Exhibitors will ensure that all current health and safety legislation and by laws are adhered to by Exhibitors and their staff whilst exhibiting at London Tamil Market, especially in relation to food hygiene.
  • Exhibitors must understand and agree that if Exhibitors are not fully compliant with all current legislation and Exhibitors are not in possession of all relevant health and safety documents, then, Exhibitors may not be allowed to trade or display at this event.

Insurance & Legal Documents

  • Exhibitors will ensure that they have insurance for their stall and have insurance documents available and ready for inspection if requested. Exhibitors have scanned and returned by email to the London Tamil Market office.
  • Exhibitors will ensure that have any other documents expected as evidence of compliance with the legal and procedural requirements to operate within the law, ready for inspection by the appropriate authorities if requested.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

  • Exhibitors will not sell or offer for sampling products which contain alcohol or illegal drugs.


  • Exhibitors understand that will not be permitted to dismantle or abandon their exhibit space before 8:00pm. Exhibitors will ensure that all equipments and displays are dismantled and removed from the premises by 9pm on Sunday, 10th April.


  • Exhibitors should understand that they must set up in time for this event in compliance with all current health and safety legislation, and Exhibitors should understand that if late for setup for this event, may be refused entry, and that no refunds may be possible in these circumstances.
  • Where available, Exhibitors have booked in a slot for unloading on Friday, 8th April 2017 between 6pm and 8pm and for setting up on Saturday and Sunday 8-10:00am. They should understand that may not be allowed access to the premises unless exhibitors make the necessary booking.

Electrical Equipment (if applicable)

  • All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.
  • Exhibitors have emailed their electrical requirements to (please include the name of each appliance and the voltage).
  • Exhibitors should agree not to overload the power points and to only use appliances that they have indicated to the organisers.

Naked flames and gas bottles

  • Exhibitors should understand that gas bottles and naked flames are not permitted at this event in any circumstances.
  • Exhibitors should understand that they are solely responsible for their stall before, during and after the show and they should understand that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft to their stall, stock or any other property that is on their stall.
  • Exhibitors should not leaving valuables (cash, electrical equipment etc.) on stall overnight.
  • Exhibitors should not leave in the stall unattended at any time whilst the site is open to the public during the hours of 10am – 8pm on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th.